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Our vision is to be a Thriving Consulting Company serving as the Preferred Employer and Partner in the planning, design, land surveying, and civil construction industry.

Gaskins + LeCraw is an integrated practice offering professional planning, design, and civil engineering services. Our skilled professionals are enabled by the latest design software, which, combined with our experience, allows great efficiency as we take a project through all phases of development.

In November 2021, the firms Gaskins Surveying Company and LeCraw Engineering merged to form, Gaskins + LeCraw Inc. Together, we have provided services since 1974 and currently employ over 150 fulltime staff in the State of Georgia and field offices located in North Carolina. We are a principal led, team focused organization. Meaning, our senior leadership fully engage in projects and serve as the primary client point-of-contact. They are supported by seasoned project managers and a talented group of professionals who are encouraged to bring forward their diverse and creative perspectives to ensure creative, yet practical, solutions to complex challenges.


Gaskins + LeCraw is an integrated planning, design, engineering, and land surveying practice built on a solid foundation of logical and technical expertise. We are pleased with the success we have worked hard to achieve and and today serve as trusted partners to our clients in the following market sectors.


Our leadership team regularly communicates and models the firm’s core values, excellence every day, live with integrity, love like family, resulting in a culture that embraces collaboration, communication and service. By investing in and developing our people, we believe we sow seeds of the spiritual fruit that positively impact our company, industry and community for years to come. We prepare Gaskins + LeCraw employees to see challenges as opportunities, not obstacles. Experience, knowledge, and faith in our proven processes creates an energy of cooperation and sets the stage for success.


Gaskins + LeCraw nurtures and rewards growth on both a personal and professional level. We strive for excellence every day through thoughtful, hard work where we serve and clients and community with care. Additionally, our belief is that a positive attitude is always welcomed and well received.


Always do the right thing and build trust with others. Orient towards the truth to get positive results. Challenging, often negative, situations arise so we embrace those moments as an opportunity to grow.


Families are all shapes and sizes and strong families are those which fight for the highest possible good for others, are committed to one another and engage. They step in for others when needed. They have fun together. They protect and promote each other. At Gaskins + LeCraw we support each other by giving and doing good for our team, like a strong family. We believe this extends from our offices into our community.


Gaskins + LeCraw nurtures and rewards growth on both a personal and professional level. Our employees are continually encouraged to increase their professional skills and to develop personal skills that lead to career-long success. Our belief is that having self awareness and demonstrating intentional responsiveness while working to achieve personal and professional goals results in healthy individuals and interpersonal relationships.


We have a deep-rooted foundation in good ol’ fashioned work ethic. Our employees take responsibility for tasks, projects, and deadlines much more than the typical “clock in, clock out” mindset. Excellence is always the goal, no matter the project. We inspire our people to take pride in delivering only their very best work.

Canton Surveying Crew


We work hard to ensure our clients that they are our priority and are more than just satisfied with the work we provide. Good relationships, systems, and communication guarantee success along the way, and create lasting partnerships.


We always encourage our employees to strive to be better as professionals and as members of their communities. Continuous improvement makes us the best we can be for our clients, our families, and, ultimately, ourselves. We ask each employee to aspire to develop hearts that are self-aware, responsive, and for others.

OneStreet has worked with Gaskins + LeCraw for over 8 eight years, having completed several multifamily developments together within that time frame. They always provide a team-oriented and problem-solving attitude during the life cycle of our projects.

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